Heating All A-round

Off-site or modular construction whilst offering several advantages over traditional construction such as repeatability and all-weather working, does sometimes throw up its’ own challenges and hurdles. None more so than Rotunda, that specialises in the construction of Round Houses and living/working spaces.

DVI Technologies announces strategic partnership with DiscreteHeat

DVI Technologies and DiscreteHeat are pleased to announce they have entered a strategic partnership, combining DVI’s intelligent solution for controlling and monitoring energy use with DiscreteHeat’s space and energy-saving infrared radiant heating products.

Prioto, DVI’s solution to create smarter buildings, integrates perfectly with DiscreteHeat’s ThermaSkirt heating system. By combining the solutions, businesses will benefit from: reduced energy bills, improved occupant comfort, optimised building energy performance; not to mention saving valuable wall/floor space, as well as improved interior aesthetics.