Tips for heating your home

5 top tips from DiscreteHeat

Did you know that 70% of your household energy consumption is heating your home. Keeping your home warm enough will not only help to reduce energy bills but also help with carbon reduction. Here are some of our Discrete ideas

  1. Fill in the gaps

One of the main ways a home loses heat it through improperly sealed ducked work. These can be fixed by using caulk, expanding foam or weather stripping. Closing your internal doors and feeling along the bottom edge can help you spot drafts.  Drafts can be stopped through repair or draft excluders.

  • Open and close your curtains

Its as Simple as that! Opening your curtains lets in the sunlight to warm the room, giving you some extra free heat. Closing the curtains gives you another layer of insulation.

  • Close doors

Another simple idea. Closing the doors re-directs the heat. Make sure all wardrobe and cupboard doors are also closed, to reduce the room space you are heating.  

  • Use timers on your heating

Don’t be fooled into thinking that leaving the heating on low all day will be more efficient, you are just paying for heat that you may not need. Boilers heat up at a constant speed no matter the temperature you set your thermostat too. Setting your heating to come on a little earlier than needed, and at a lower temperature, is typically cheaper than turning it on as you need it at a higher temperature.

  • Ditch your radiators

Radiators emit heat by convection (moving air around) This can lead to uncomfortable hot and cold spots around the room. Not only that, radiators steal valuable space in the room, can leave dust marks on walls and aggravate respiratory conditions such as asthma.

What’s the alternative?

Underfloor heating is an option but can be impractical as it is not easy to retrofit without major upheaval. The performance of underfloor heating can be hindered by insulating surfaces such as carpet or wood

How about ..

ThermaSkirt Skirting Heating

 ThermaSkirt – Skirting Heating – The Skirting board that heats your home – ThermaSkirt is very simply a radiant heating system that combines the heating into an unobtrusive skirting board. ThermaSkirt emits a gentle radiant heat from all sides, creating a greater comfort for less energy.

ThermaSkirt provides radiant heat, evenly distributed and from low level. Typically 8~13% more energy efficient than radiators on a gas boiler system, savings up to 25% can be achieved when connected to renewables such as heat pumps or solar. The Electric version features smart controls to minimise energy consumption and is also fire safe even if accidentally covered over.

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