Heat pump emitter ThermaSkirt

A Warmer Christmas Thanks to ThermaSkirt

Description: Family home, re-imagined using renewable heating and smart technologies

ThermaSkirt Profile: Deco BM 2 on a Ground source heat pump

Clients: Bateson Family, Cheshire

The Challenge

If your family home is located in beautiful Cheshire Countryside and yet only a few hundred metres away from the family business, it’s difficult to find a better example of a Work / Life balance. Understandably then, the Bateson family of Bateson Trailers fame, decided that their Grandmothers’ home would be an ideal family home for Simon and his wife and two children. ‘Tired’ would have been an estate agents’ description of the house, as it had fallen into some disrepair and was reliant on oil heating. Simon Bateson explains: “We decided we wanted to live in my Grandmothers’ old house as it literally is a stone’s throw from our Trailer manufacturing business and is set in nearly 100 acres of greenbelt pasture. Problem was, it was draughty, leaky and very dated”

The Bateson’s decided to gut the property and extend to create a 5-bedroom property that was spacious, stylish and economical to run. Simon goes on; “We decided early on to go with a Ground Source heat pump as we have plenty of land to lay the heat collector pipes, and as we were insulating to the latest standards, and having tiled floors, we opted to go underfloor heating downstairs. However, we were advised against UFH upstairs as we liked wood or carpet in the bedrooms”. For a while it seemed that oversized or fan assisted radiators to adequately heat the rooms at the lower flow temperature of a heat pump were Simons’ only options. But Simon was not a big fan of radiators, especially if they would have to be up to twice the size to work properly

The Solution

By chance, Simon visited Cheshire Design Centre in Congleton, to choose a log burning stove for their living room. CDC happens to be a ThermaSkirt distributor & installer, and had a working display of the heated skirting boards on show. Simon “I didn’t realise that heated skirting boards even existed, and was surprised to learn that they could potentially heat my upstairs – even on a heat pump.” ThermaSkirt combines the heating into an aluminium skirting board profile to provide an even distribution of heat, even at lower flow temperatures. Being ‘above ground´ it can easily cope with water at both low and normal boiler temperatures and any kind of floor covering – including heavy carpets. CDC provided DiscreteHeat with a set of plans and U Values, and the company was able to produce a detailed design and costing for the upstairs

The Result

The Bateson’s opted for the simple Deco Profile in BM2 – a square edge 115mm high skirting which they felt complimented the desired look of the finished farmhouse. Although the taller (170mm) BM3 is more often used with heat pumps due to the greater output per M, in this case the BM2 has proved more than satisfactory.

ThermaSkirt can work with any floor covering, including heavy carpets even when using a Heat Pump 

“Its absolutey spot on said Simon “and working beautifully, well in time for Christmas– the whole house is lovely and warm”   

The System is controlled via smart thermostats that can be programmed and activated by mobile phone as well as on the screen. 

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