ThermaSkirt - Skirting Heating
  1. Reduce the Risk of Injury

There are over 27,000 radiator related injuries a year through trips, falls and stumbles (Source: RoSPA) Skirting heating eliminates the risk by removing bulky steel radiators off the wall.

2. Hygiene

Did you know that for nearly 10 years, DiscreteHeat has been providing the NHS and other health care providers with ThermaSkirt to help them eliminate healthcare acquired infections by replacing the radiators? With a simple wipe down-profile, ThermaSkirt has none of the nooks and crannies of a radiator and does not require a ‘deep clean’ to eliminate bacteria and viruses from its surface. 

3. Free up Wall Space

Radiators steal valuable wall space in your home. Can you imagine having fitted bedroom furniture where the radiator used to be? Your sofa in a different place or room for a desk to work from home. Skirting heating can connect onto any conventional plumbing system or any suitable electrical heating circuit.  ThermaSkirt works  with any floor finish, carpet, laminate, vinyl with equal performance.

4. Energy saving
ThermaSkirt transfers heat to all objects in the room with continual radiant heat. This means that temperatures within the room are maintained for longer than convective heating methods once turned off, so your central heating can be deactivated earlier than conventional systems like radiators ThermaSkirt is typically 13% better than radiators on conventional heating systems, and up to 25% on renewables (source: BSRIA Test 51397/1)

5. Drafts and Cold Spots 

As well as stealing valuable wall space, radiators emit heat by convection( by moving heat around). This can create uncomfortable hot and cold spots around the room. Not only that it can lead to dust marks on the wall and potentially aggravate illnesses such as asthma.
Radiant heating such as skirting heating, emits a gentle radiant heat from all sides, creating greater comfort for less energy (Source: BSRIA test 53197/1)  

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