Why should you consider decorating your home this season

Are you considering redecorating your house? There are many reasons to change the outlook of your house. People re-decorate for many reasons.

For some people it could be that they have not re-decorated in many years and fancy a change, maybe the lockdown has made you seen things you haven’t seen before . When a house looks newly done up, it can give you pride especially when your friends come around and are impressed by the new look.

There can be other reasons, such as, if you are considering selling your house, you may wish to add value and make it more attractive to prospective buyers, perhaps you are making more space for a home office or play room for the children. Whatever your reason for re-decorating your a fresh change to the decor is always a good idea.

The hidden secret revealed….

There are many things to consider when decorating. There is replacing the wallpaper, painting the walls, re-tiling the bathroom or kitchen and replacing the wooden flooring or carpet.

What people often neglect though is the replacing of skirting boards. Skirting boards rarely get replaced even though they do not match the decor of the house. The old skirting boards often do not match the interior design of a newly done up house spoiling the look of the room. For example if you just painted your walls white you ideally would like white skirting boards to match the colour scheme. Even when they become damaged with tear and wear people still often neglect them.

Why skirting board heating in your home is a brilliant idea

ThermaSkirt – The skirting board that heats your home.

What a lot of people do not realise, is that as well as helping to improve the look of a house, there are skirting boards on the market that heat your home. Skirting board heaters look exactly the same as standard skirting boards They heat your house and are a good alternative to central heaters freeing up space at the same time.

How about moving your bed to the space occupied by the radiator? Make room in that kitchen for extra cupboards or a wine fridge (ThermaSkirt can be installed as your kitchen plinths) . Skirting heating works with any floor covering, is simple to install and energy efficient.

www.discreteheat.co.uk – ThermaSkirt The skirting board that heats your home.

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